What Does Snake Feces Look Like?

What Does Snake Feces Look Like?Introduction
If you've got no idea what snake poop looks like, this read's got all you need to pinpoint it. There's a lot of myth as to how snake poop really looks like. Some believe that it's got to be very long since the snake spots a streamlined body. Others believe it has to be in many droplets, while others believe it has to be on a straight line since the snake does it while moving. All these reports on how snake goo looks like aren't entirely accurate, and it's so vital you get the right info on how this fecal matter looks like. If you know how to correctly identify snake fecal matter, it's very advantageous to you. It'll give you an upper hand in the event there's a snake in your territory. Let's see everything you need to know about the feces of snakes;

Snakes don't eat grass, so expect a lot of weird stuff in there
Snakes are carnivorous. They feed on insects, mammals, and other snakes alike depending on their size. When the snakes keep getting bigger, they transcend from feeding solely on small insects to swallowing mammals such as gazelles whole. What these reptiles eat determines how their goo looks like. Since there's really no plant fiber in the snake's diet, poo cohesiveness isn't what you'll expect to see. Snake feces are mostly gooey and smooth, and there's the possibility of seeing a white cap after they're through with their business. Also, it's noteworthy to state that snakes' poo change in color as they get dried out. When the snakes have just released their poo, it looks very dark in color. But when the poo starts drying out, it becomes a bit grey-whitish in color. Sizing is also essential. Know that snakes poo isn't lengthy or streamlines as people may think. Think of it as a large, thick release of feces at intervals.

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